Debunked: Myths of gambling you should know

Gambling has been around for many years around the world including the USA, South Africa, and a huge part of asia. So, it’s no surprise that many stories, myths and legends have been told about it. While gambling seems to have been a part of the normal lives of many, it has become sort of a taboo to play casino games. After all, movies and TV shows have been some of the perpetrators of creating some of these myths. 

That’s why it’s time to see the different myths of gambling and find out if there is any truth to them.

Rigged casino games

The biggest myth of all is that casino games are rigged. Most players who lose a large amount of money accuse this to make up for their losses and feel better. Several movies have even supported this as they show rigged roulettes or even slot machines. 

Take note though that casinos are also a business and they have a house edge to be fair to both themselves and the players. It does not mean that they use underhanded tactics to prevent you from winning. Not only that but casinos are also regulated by a governing body to make sure that all games are fair, and that everyone playing has an equal chance of winning.

Dealers and other players can affect your outcome

Some of the best games played in the casino are table games. This includes poker, roulette, baccarat and blackjack among others. People who play these games believe that the dealer and the other players can affect the outcome of their game. 

Dealers are also not allowed to tamper with the outcome of the game. This is because it’s illegal to tamper with the games. Additionally, there is a governing body that keeps tabs on all casino games which includes slot games and table games, to make sure that no tampering is done. 

Casinos pump oxygen to keep people awake

One of the obscure and absurd myths is that casinos try to keep people awake by pumping oxygen into the building. This myth probably started in the novel Fools Die by Mario Puzo. The story narrates a casino owner pumping oxygen in the casino to keep gamblers and customers awake. Since then, cynics have spread this rumour in order to dissuade people from playing in casinos.  

Any casino, from the ones in the US and Canada to those in South Africa and Asia will make use of several tricks to keep customers awake. However, pumping oxygen is not one of them as it is illegal and highly dangerous to the help of the people in casinos. 

Plus, higher levels of oxygen make casinos more prone to fires. So, since people tend to smoke in casinos, a fire is something that the casino will actively avoid by following hazard protocols. 

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