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What are table games? 

As the name suggests, table games are casino games played on top of a table. It usually has a dealer conducting the games and managing the payments. In RNG table games such as Jackpot Casino, you can find two kinds of table games, namely RNG and live casino table games. 

RNG table games are the video game version where you play against the computer. On the other hand, live casino table games are streamed in real-time and allow you to play with a live dealer and other players.

Take a look at some of the key differences between playing live casino table games and RNG table games below:

Differences between live dealer and RNG table games

Live dealer games

Not run by RNG
One of the most common differences is that live casino games do not operate with a random number generator. Instead of a computer algorithm, they have live dealers managing the games and streaming from studios with the help of new technology available today.

Gaming providers use one or several cameras to provide a better and more immersive experience than RNG table games. Dealers can also view online chats so they can answer any questions in real-time.

Higher minimum wager
In most cases, live casino table games have higher minimum bets compared to their RNG counterparts since their gaming providers have higher operating costs.

To offer the best gaming experience to the players, they pay dealers, use high-quality technology and rent studios designed to portray land casinos, resulting in higher costs and minimum bets.

Offers more social value
Since live casino games are played with real dealers and other players, they offer a social gaming experience you wouldn’t normally find in online games. Real players can also join the table and play with you.

Most live casinos nowadays have a chat box where you can banter and chat with other players, while the dealer monitors them on their end. This way, they’re also able to join in on your conversation with the other players.

RNG table games

Uses RNG
RNG table games play much like a video game. They have a random number generator that decides the results of the game.

For example, if you’re playing blackjack, an RNG decides which cards you will be dealt with, as well as the cards the AI dealer will get.

Lower minimum wagers
One major benefit of playing RNG table games is that the minimum bet is more affordable since they don’t have too many expenses unlike their live counterparts.

Gaming providers of RNG table games don’t have to spend on production to run their games on their servers, making the operating expense and minimum wager cheaper. In some cases, players can even bet as little as a few cents.

Can be a solitary affair
For those who prefer playing by themselves, RNG table games let you bet in peace without the presence of live dealers and other players. There’s no chat box and dealer to talk to.
You control the game
Playing RNG table games means you’re playing against artificial intelligence or AI, the computer program that manages the game. This means that you can take your time deciding your move without the pressure of anyone waiting on you. In a live dealer game, despite being alone, the dealer is still in control of the pace of the game.
Table games are quick
If you’re looking for something quick to play just to pass the time, then an RNG table game is the one for you. You can play any RNG table game and you’ll be done in a few seconds compared to when playing a live casino game where you have to wait for other players to place their bets or decide on their next actions. Additionally, these games are designed to give you more rounds of play.
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Most popular table games and how they’re played

The number of table game variations grows larger by the day with the rising popularity of online casinos nowadays. To help you pick which games to play, we’ve chosen the cream of the crop and listed them down for you. 

Take a look at some of the best table casino games you’ll find in Jackpot Casino:


Blackjack is one of the most popular and nerve-wracking table card games as the dealer lays down your cards and waits to see if you won or not. It’s a simple game to understand where the most important thing you need to remember is the number 21. 

During the game, the dealer distributes two cards per hand and player including themselves. You get the total of your hand by adding the value of the two cards. Afterwards, there are three possible outcomes and actions you can do:

  • If the total is too low from 21, you can ‘Hit’ and the dealer gives you another card
  • If the total is close to 21, you can ‘Stand’ and leave your hand as is
  • If the total is equal to 21, you have a blackjack and automatically win the round.

All hands that go beyond 21 automatically lose. You can still win even with a non-blackjack hand if it’s higher than the dealer or the dealer’s hand busts or goes above 21

European Blackjack
This is one of the variations of blackjack that came from Europe. The key difference in playing this game is that the dealer keeps both of their cards face down.
Perfect Pairs
A unique and ingenious way to play blackjack that allows you to make money out of the first two cards dealt in the game if both cards have the same rank or value and colour. If they do, you can win for up to 25 times your starting bet.
This is a challenging variation of the game since the 10s are not included, making it harder for players to get 21 or a number near that to beat the dealer.
This is a unique variant of blackjack where you only need to have a hand that doesn’t exceed 21 and is higher than the dealer’s.


Poker is a lot more complicated than blackjack. For one, players are dealt two cards each. After that, the dealer deals out five cards called the community cards. The players then check their hands and the community card and form the best five-card combination out of the seven cards. Each combination has a value and the one that has the highest wins. 

Take note however that players are given a chance to raise the wager, fold or surrender, and stand or continue playing. Here are the most famous variations of poker:

The most famous poker game both in a land-based casino and live casino table games is Hold’em poker. Unlike regular poker, players are dealt two cards face down first in Hold’em, and only then can they start betting. The dealer then burns or discards a card and deals out three community cards, and players can start raising the bets, call, or fold.

The dealer then adds one more card and another round of betting will occur. This time, players can also check or not do anything and pass to the next player. Once everyone has finished their actions, the dealer burns another card and adds a card to the community.

Everyone then has a chance to call, fold, raise or check, and the dealer burns one more card and adds the last one in the community. The player’s cards are turned over to see who has the winning hand.

Three card poker
In three card poker, players play against the dealer directly. Everyone, including the dealer, is dealt three cards face down. Before you are dealt your cards, you need to decide if you’re going to place an ante bet or a pair plus bet. The former wins if your hand beats the dealer’s while the latter wins if you’re dealt a pair or better.

After checking your cards, you can call and place a Play bet equal to the ante bet, or fold and forfeit the ante bet. Winning the pair plus bet has nothing to do with beating the dealer though, so you’ll still get a win.

Poker pursuit
This is one of the simplest variations of poker where a player is dealt three cards face up and the goal is to have a high-ranking hand beat all the other players. After the first three cards are dealt, players can start betting before a fourth card is dealt.

The players are then given a choice to either call, raise or fold, before the final card is dealt. The player with the best card combination wins.


The wheel of the roulette has slots with black or red colour and a corresponding number. Players bet on what colour, number, a combination of both, or a group of numbers the ball will land on. 

Once all bets are in, the dealer throws in the ball and wherever it lands becomes the winning number, colour or group.  Take a look at the different variations of roulette you can play in live casinos.

European Roulette
One of the most well-known and preferred roulette games to play today is European Roulette. Its popularity stems from the single 0 on the wheel, lessening the house edge by half. Landing on a 0 means that everyone loses their bets to the house so having only one slot lessens the chance to half unless you specifically bet on it.
American Roulette
This is a well-known but usually avoided roulette game to play since its wheel has two slots for 0, raising the house edge. Aside from that, it plays similarly with the European roulette where you can bet on any colour, number, a combination of both, or a specific group of numbers.


Baccarat is one of the easiest and most enjoyable games to play. Like blackjack, you only need to think of one number, which is 9. The dealer deals out four cards on the table, two for the player and two for the dealer. Before the cards are dealt, players need to bet on who will have a hand value nearest to 9: the player, the dealer or a tie.

If the cards’ total exceeds 9, the first number is dropped and the second number is considered the value. Whoever has the value nearest to 9 is the winner and all those who bet on that will get a payout. For example, if three out of five players bet on the dealer and its hand has the closest value to 9, all three will win the payout.

Relive the casino experience with Jackpot Casino

Table games, both live and RNG, only get more popular as time passes and it’s no wonder why. After all, you get to play whenever you want and relive the experience of being in a real casino at the comfort of your own home. Luckily for you, South African Jackpot Casino has a variety of games for you to play, win and entertain yourself with.

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